Some time in the past year I bought a new front sprocket that was one tooth less than the stock version. This was first prompted from my one off road experience where I could immediately feel that any trail riding would demand different gearing.

However, after I got the sprocket I just could not get the nut off that holds the old sprocket onto the shaft. I was on the verge of buying an impact driver but this afternoon I called the nearest Suzuki dealership and they said they would do it for $40. Well...I figured an impact driver would cost at least $30 dollars and the only time I was likely to use it was for this task.

And when they said they could do it today my impatience and laziness where in alignment, so I rode over and they took care of it.

Although first gear really is alright now, I think I will change the rear sprocket because it just doesn't feel quite right when moving below 10 miles an hour. I still feel I would have to really work the cluctch if I ever get back on a trail.

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