It Was A Good Day

Tonight I’m in Indianapolis and after a full day I was able to have an hour of Aikido practice at Indianapolis Aikikai. I was up early flew into to town and worked until after 6, got tot the dojo at 7, went all out for 1 hour and then went to another store by 9, grabbed some diner and drove back to the hotel with the food and a bottle of wine. I made it to the hotel room around 10 and now it is about 11:30.

I was WHIPPED after class. I may have been dehydrated or tired or just out of shape, but I was pooped after an hour.

Anyway I have to comment... This is the friendliest and most welcoming bunch of people I’ve ever visited. And most Aikdio dojos are pretty pleasant places to visit.

Of course I have to note that I felt a little lost, maybe I felt more lost than I really was. We started with some basic tenkan from katate dori. Somehow this simple move was slightly different, even though I can’t recall just how. But nobody made a big deal out of it (or any other technique we worked on) so I was quite pleased.

So, I worked hard, practiced hard, had a nice meal by myself in a hotel room with a bottle of red wine….mmmm…What a great day!

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Anonymous said...

That's great, David.

You do with aikido what I often do with skateboarding. when i go to a conference in another city, I find someone to skate with ahead of time, and always have a nice session.Gonna try aikido in Monterrey California this year in October -- following your example.