The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

I took the day off to “DO” some things. Unfortunately I tried to do a thing I had never done before (well I did it thirty years ago).

I was going to replace the front sprocket on my motorcycle. First I discovered it wouldn't come off with an adjustable wrench. Then I found the Home Depot near me didn't have a 30mm socket but Loews did. THEN I discovered I didn't have a 1/2” drive....anyway it took a while but I finally ....gave up.

It made me think about what I hope to use this motorcycle. If I want to ride in even a semi-serious off road way I HAVE to make more changes. But I think what I really want is the more “off road if I have to” ability. And take back roads to get places. Much like the motorcycle Transamerica Trail.

In that vein, above are the results of my installing “Saddle Bags” (way easier) AND I attached a 25 year old bicycle carrying bag where the tool kit was bolted on. I wonder if I should question my design sense because it does look a bit odd but I went ahead and did it. You now see Dirt Bagz and Kangaroo Baggs.

Below is a picture of our crazy house cat (he really has mental problems) that got out while I was going in and out today.


Anonymous said...

David, I hate to tell you this, but based on my experience with skateboards and bicycles, I believe you may need...

...more than one motorcycle.

See you at practice Monday.

ZeppoManx said...

I have discovered that motorcycles are WAY more expensive than any other interest I've attempted.

So while I agree another motorcycle is called for, my paycheck is not not big enough.

If only I had found my old steel wheeled skateboard when we cleaned out my parents house, I could have renewed my skateboarding skills.

I'm sure the sidewalk surfer I had would buy me some street cred. Right?

I think this
is like my old skateboard. I still remember the vibrations rising from the rough concrete through those steel wheels.