Sloshed in Seattle

Just to say, I missed Aikido this Saturday because I had take a work trip to the Seattle area. A difficult day starting with forgetting my birthday was coming and that I need to renew my Drivers License I also found out this affected my return trip since my DL will no longer be valid and marks me as a possible terrorist. Then the rental car place will only give me a car until my license expires. I don’t know how I will handle the last half of the trip since travel is necessary.

Anyway after a very long day I finally found an India restaurant near the hotel I was staying at in the Queen Hill part of Seattle.

It is amazing how my mood changes after a big meal and a few beers. Before I was depressed and fretful how I would deal with my Drivers License problems. But by the end of the meal I loved everybody chatting in the restaurant and I was even accepting of the persnickety patron who didn’t want peas in his rice and spent the whole meal adjusting his iPod.


Anonymous said...

Hope they let you come home!!

ZeppoManx said...

I should get my passport my wife sent overnight express. So I won't have to go through the super duper bag and body search at the airport.