Re-Tiring at 51!

For the first time in almost 30 years I changed a motorcycle tire today. Actually TWO tires! I spent about 3 hours changing 2 tires and it was an experience. I used the YouTube video and the ADVrider thread from Neduro plus the 4strokes.com info to answer a question for me, all to make it happen. Maybe the Internet has something more than porn after all!

I think I can maybe cut that time in half in the future, but I was interesting since whenever I thought it just wasn't going to work I thought back to th eYouTube video that said if you have to work at changing tires you are doing something wrong.

Anyway, above is th photo of the end results.

I've had a head/chest cold for the past week, in addition to being out of town last weekend. So I've missed over a week of Aikido. I hope to make the Saturday class.

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Anonymous said...

You need to be there this coming saturday, so you can watch me stumble through my 5th kyu test (yes -- I'm finally testing).