Symbol of Madrid in Puerta Del Sol

It is now past midnight so officially I leave for Madrid tomorrow (the 14th). I skipped Aikido tonight to buy a few things for the trip and I've already packed most of what I'm planning to take.

I never heard back from my email to one of the Madrid Aikido dojos, but it is probably for the best. I only have a week and as I've never been to Europe, so I hope to be very busy being a clumsy but pleasant American. I will be staying near the Puerta Del Sol and although it is sure to be fill with fellow tourists I'm still hoping it will will be appropriately foreign.

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Kate Richardson said...

Puerta del Sol is definitely the most touristy feeling part of Madrid, but not to worry. It's nothing at all like Times Square or anything like that. Just happens to be where are the hotels are located because it's so central. If you walk 10 minutes north you hit the trendy (but authentic) Tribunal area, 10 minutes south the grity/kind of sketchy yet trendy immigrant neighborhood Lavapies.

I will not leave you to flounder in tourist purgatory, trust me.