Find Your Inner Koshinage

Tonight we worked mostly from yokomenuchi (strike to the side of the head) but toward the end we switched to koshinage from shomenuchi (overhead strike to the top of the head). I quickly found a partner who wouldn't be troubled by full weight. It had been a while since we worked on koshinage so it was treat.

We only worked on the type where you start off as if you were doing ikkyo and then you step in and put your arm around their back as you step in for the throw. I actually felt like I was getting the hang of it tonight, but I think this way of getting to the throw forces you to put your center below uke's center.

Anyway I suppose it is not a coincidence that the one of the first results from you tube shows Christian Tissier demostrating the version of koshinage we worked on. Since Christian Tissier was our sensei's sensei.

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Anonymous said...

I've had a cold and I've missed class the past week. I hope to feel better enough to practice Monday; I'm past contagous.

Koshinage troubles - I struggled in class, and Charlie suggested I try the bend movement at home as an exercise. So...stand heel to instep thrusting hip outward, sink while reaching back with one arm as if around uke's waist and looking up or out, not down. But, when I step in and bend and reach like that I usually feel off balance and not strong enough to rise straight up for the throw, so I'm doing something wrong, my legs are too weak or both.

Dang, Sensei C. Tissier makes it look easy. Thanks for the vid!