Where you lead I will follow

Tonight we were working on katatetori Ushiro Tekubitori Kotegaeshi
and Sidney Sensei came over and demostrated that I was resisting Uke's grasp. His point was that for this technique to make any sense Nage must remove all resistance and lead Uke around to tempt him into grabbing the other hand. When he had me grab his wrist it was really amazing, as if by magic I was drawn around his back. All by the way he lead me at just the right pace.

Later we switch to shomenuchi irimi namge. Initially I groaned to my self, since this move as uke is something I've always had trouble with. But while working with Sean initial Iwas able to lower my center and actually flow a bit. I think I actually surprised him to the point he commented on it. But, either that jinxed me or he changed his irimi, but sunddenly I was stiff and resistant again.

Maybe someday it will last longer.

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