Check out the piernas on that mujer!

Note to self: You just finished Unit 5 Lesson 2

In Italian legs are sometimes called "gambas". Somehow in English it just sounds better to say “check out the gams” rather than “check out those piernas”. In this case Italian wins the English slang contest.

But then again I may be one of the few people in Dallas that has an interest in 1930's slang. In which case my judgment is worth even less than the virtual paper it is written on.

Again it was so easy I should really be plowing through these things.

Feeling nostalgic for an age you see only in movies? Check out

It could come in handy if you are ever in a clip joint lookin for some hooch but there's a shamus on your heels and your gat is out in your flivver.


uchi deshi said...

I hate it when I leave my gat in the flivver. That's where I usually keep it, and then when I go into the hooch joint, I forget to put it on.

ZeppoManx said...

Me too. Now I always pack a spare roscoe. Since you need some heat when a G-man comes after you.