“Listen to what Uke is saying to you and not what you are saying to yourself”

Tonight we worked on many ushiro attacks of which toward the end we practiced koshinage that was a transformed ikkyo, in that we could have easily ended the technique with ikkyo rather than koshinage.

But I want to make note of Sidney emphasizing that we needed to “Listen to what Uke is saying to you and not what you are saying to yourself”.When Sidney speaks with his so soft voice you really pay attention. It is hard to integrate into your practice but you really feel you are getting a sense of the whole Aikido “enchilada”. He talked about this after class and a few of us hung around to listen. You really get the sense he is trying to honestly pass along what he has learned.

After a year and a half I'm still excited about practicing Aikido, and I enjoy practicing at other dojos when the opportunity arises. I don't know of any reason to suspect this might happen, but if Sidney left and I had to practice at another dojo, I don't know if I would keep with it. Probably, but thank goodness I don't have to worry about that.

I tried but failed to find that particular type of koshinage we practiced, so the above is a clip of Kisshomaru Ueshiba demonstrating ushiro tekubitori ikkyo.


Bob said...

Yes, Sidney is a great teacher, for sure. Sometimes I can't hear a damn thing he is saying, but his fluid movement still conveys the message.

Last night we did a lot of techniques from Tsuki. During the second one, I bent my left big toenail back. It cracked, and half was almost broken off. I reached down in true skateboarder style, pulled off the nail remnant, and kept practicing, blood all over my toe.

Several of the techniques involved Tenshin movement, which has always confused the hell out of me. While I didn't really make it totally flow, I felt like I began to understand it more last night. We also did some Tsuki Ikkyo, which I really need to practice.

ZeppoManx said...

Tenshin also confuses me. If you are there Saturday I'll test you on it.

Remind be to ask you how to do Tsuki Ikkyo.

I had to attend to family matters Wednesday but plan to be there Saturday.