Koshi Nage With A Twist

Today we worked on some ushiro often with kubishime and we did two types of Koshi nage from there, which were amazingly simple. The video above shows one type, but the other was even easier where you didn't pass their grasping hand over you head. You simply grabbed Uke's arm that was wrapped around your neck and shifted your weight down and to the side and bingo, Uke is un-balanced and on the side of your hip. You shift your weight up and twist a bit, and Uke rotate/flips over like magic.


The easiest Koshinage I've ever seen or done.

I wish we would have switched partners and tried again as I'm curious how it would work on different body types. My partner was shorter than me so it was easy to get him on my hip when I stood up slightly.

On a side subject, well more a sore leg subject, I stopped riding my bicycle around the lake these last few weeks since that seems to make things hurt after the ride. But I thought my inner leg muscles were in good shape today, and class was fine. But afterward I walked like a really old man. I heard of one aikidoka (aikido practitioner ) who spends ½ an hour a day stretching so there are no problems with the Aikido practice.

It sounds like a plan, if I ever recover fully. Although that sounds like just the kind of thing I would have a problem putting into practice.

FYI, Spanish has really fallen to the “back burner”, but I plan to keep going when I have the chance. Animation is still in action so 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

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