Science and Socialism

Notwithstanding the rhetoric of Bernie Sanders, real Socialism (governmental control of the means of production) as a viable alternative is just not an option in the world today. But in the post WWII world it was, possibly because of a fear of the Stalinist version of communism taking over the world.

I wish it was at least still debated as a possibility, and in my opinion it is way more practical than the libertarian approach. But for now talk of a more comprehensive social safety net is what goes for "Socialism". Aside from that I found this interesting observation by Albert Einstein about the role of science in the world of economics and social issues in general.

"...Second, socialism is directed towards a social-ethical end. Science, however, cannot create ends and, even less, instill them in human beings; science, at most, can supply the means by which to attain certain ends. But the ends themselves are conceived by personalities with lofty ethical ideals and—if these ends are not stillborn, but vital and vigorous—are adopted and carried forward by those many human beings who, half unconsciously, determine the slow evolution of society."

Remember this article form 1949

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