Just Sitting

So I'm on life version 3.0, 4.2, 54.2 or maybe 0.0. Anyway the first week of trying to change habits and find a way of a healthier life...but a way that I can do. To that end on Monday and Tuesday I rode to the lake and was pretty pooped, pretty quickly. Today it was cool and I rode around the lake which is about 10 miles.

Along those lines, tonight I returned to the Maria Kannon Zen Center for an hour and a half of Just Sitting. 90 minutes of no purpose, no nothing...just sitting and breathing.

So if I can get my body in a good place and my mind in a good “no place”....maybe I will be well enough to try Aikido again.

But now I will try to “Just Sleep”

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bloftin2 said...

We await your return.