Cat Stevens: And that is why Rock and Roll is a pile of crap and not really worth anything.

OK, this is a “pet peeve” of mine, If you think it is OK to kill somebody because of what they write, sing, or whatever, I think you are full of shit.

And if you give explicit, complicit or implicit, assent to said action, you too are full of shit.

Rock and Roll, Punk or whatever, it should mean standing up to “the MAN”

I am not a musician, critic, hip, with it, cool, or anything...but even I know any kind of rebellion means standing up to convention. And if you accept rewards from establishment entertainment on the same stage as somebody who says, or refuses to deny it is wrong, to kill somebody for a novel....well then you have no rebellion, ethics, rightness, goodness, or I don't know what.

I watched the Rock and Roll hall of fame enroll Cat Stevens....and nobody said a thing about how he says it it fine to kill someone because of a novel. So screw you all, Bruce Springsteen, Hall and Oates, Nirvana, and especially Art Garfunkel. You either praised him, or said nothing while you got your gold.

Screw you and your freakin' rock and roll. It turns out it was a bunch of crap anyway.

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bloftin2 said...


And I'm proud of you for posting kind of a rant.

And you are cool and hip. You are one of the coolest people I know.