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The Old Man Who Read Love StoriesThe Old Man Who Read Love Stories by Luis Sepúlveda

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I had never head of this author and only by chance decided to read it. Of course its slim 130 pages was a draw.

Anyway, it was just what I needed. Set in the jungles of Ecuador it had the conflict of modernity with jungle life and people with just the right amout of magic realism. Except there really wasn't any magic realism. Why did I say that?

The thing is, it “felt” magical but really it was just a different way of looking at life. And it is a way I could never know except by reading this book.
AND and the same time there is the notion that reading is something special, although granted Antonio José Bolívar Proaño  reads books mainly to escape from bad memories. But still, it is nice to have somebody notice that reading can simply be a wonder.

“...he set off in the direction of El Idilio, his hut, and his novels that spoke of love in such beautiful words they sometimes made him forget the barbarity of man.” pg 131

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