The Domino Men

The Domino MenThe Domino Men by Jonathan Barnes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don't know what to think of this book and it is not clear what the point of the story is, but the author manages to make it work. Either the story itself is the ambiguity or maybe I almost “get it” and if I think about I'll get the point, or somewhere in between.

The protagonist, Henry Lamb seems to be a normal an average sort of chap. But by the end it seems he has nothing much to him, and in fact he has been hollowed out, psychically, or soul-ly. So his whole life really didn't mean that much, so, what the heck. It may point to a failing in myself, but I really sympathize with this guy.

But the thing is this the novel is that type that I don't know if I will like until the very end, because I've become invested in the story and if he does something stupid I will retroactively hate the book.

J Barnes did not do that and in fact managed to prolong my decision on liking or disliking. I am still not sure, and for now, that feels good!

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