What I Learned This Week

Not Much

I did learn how to play around with my home network. I bought a fairly cheap wireless IP camera and figured out how to get it on my home network, configure my router with the appropriate port forwarding settings to allow access from the Internet. And how to use a free Dynamic DNS company that works with my router to allow me to buy a domain name for $6 a year (two year contract) so that as long as I have the camera on I can spy on my cats.

But the thing I really learned was that my cats don't do much of anything when I am gone.

Using the above pic as the reference this is what I learned

  1. 9:00 AM laying down looking out the window

  2. 11:00 AM laying down sleeping

  3. Noon laying down sleeping(?) on a cardboard scratching toy

  4. 2:30 PM laying down in a box looking out the window

  5. 5:30 PM Still in the box

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