Terry Dobson Again

Here is Ram Dass recounting the often retold story from Terry Dobson about an experience on a Tokyo train in the middle of his intense Aikido training with the very founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba.

It is a strange story and it makes you wonder. If you have no experience with Aikido you might not see how marvelous it is to experience its wonder. When you acting as the attacker feel utterly mystified as to how you ended on the floor or how you lost your balance and fell under the control of the “victim”.

SO, you know it can be amazing BUT you also know there is the question whether in “real life” it would actually work. Work for you personally or even work for somebody else in theory.

AND the story itself sounds almost too pure to be true. It smacks of the maudlin and sentimental, but is that because of a weakness in the story or a weakness in me?

While researching this post (i.e. Goggling) I found this amazing, and I mean amazing post...


Her notes from his last seminar where he collapsed and entered a coma shortly after. Again it almost sounds too "good" to be true. But if it is, it is pretty amazing. Then again must a story not being "true" be any less powerful?

Meet death with integrity.
Don't flinch.
Don't turn away.
Step slightly off line.
Use his imbalance.
Keep goddamn stupid ego out of it.
Be there.
Achieve stillness.

The story you find on the net is here http://www.heartinspired.com/TerryDobson.pdf

Christmas message:
Keep goddamn stupid ego out of it.
Be there.
Achieve stillness.


mira amiras said...

Thank you for posting Ram Dass' Terry Dobson tale. All of us who knew Terry —even for one teaching, or a 15 minute conversation— have stories like that. I think it's what made him such a magnificent teacher.

If you want a fuller version of what I posted at 'and this part is true' see the memorial edition of Aikido Today, Vol 6 No 5. You can find it at http://beitmalkhut.org/?page_id=990 under 'The Last Teaching of Terry Dobson. And even that's not the whole story...

ZeppoManx said...

Thank you very much for the full story from the Aikido Today magazine which I otherwise would probably never have found.

How wonderful to not only read your story but also the other contributors commenting on Terry Dobson.

mille grazie!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about Ram Dass...he is my hero!

I LOVE the organization that he founded called SEVA. They work with indigenous populations on health projects. They are best known for their work in preventable blindness, and have helped nearly 3 million blind people suffering from cataracts to see again in poor countries around the world. Check them out at http://www.seva.org

I particularly love their GIFTS OF SERVICE catalog. You can restore eyesight to a blind person in someone's name as a gift. A wonderful alternative gift! Check out the catalog http://www.seva.org/gifts

Thanks Ram Dass!!!!