On The Trail Again

To avoid a complete mental breakdown I took off work today with the primary goal of riding my bicycle. Of course I didn't get away as early as planned but I rode via White Rock Lake Trail to White Rock Light Rail Station.

I tried to lug my bike in the first rail car and the driver opened up enough to tell me I was doing something wrong and all I got out of him was that I should move down. So I entered through the next door down and only later realized he was telling me to go to the middle car that has no steps and two measly bike hooks.

But I finally made it to Mockingbird Station

And took a short break at a convenient Starbucks for coffee

And then on my way to Katy Trail

And I unexpectedly found my way...

AND a police escort

There were plenty of places to stop and look...

And took a detour to Reverchon Park

Which led to the path on Turtle Creek

The path back through Reverchon Park has some interesting underpasses

..that are cleverly decorated...

FYI, those are not nooses hanging down, they are some sort of twisted steel cable.

Katy trail ends at American Airlines Center

and Victory Park, which is neither a park nor a victory

Then onto downtown Dallas

And a short stop for a photo of the art museum

and catch the train at one of the downtown stations

Where I finally found right place but disobeyed the instructions on which wheel to hang by

And back by White Rock Lake, watch out for the broken railing

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