Deja Vu All Over Again

Pre Class thoughts...I thought I “Ok, I'm actually getting more relaxed. My ukemi is getting smoother and tonight I'll really flow. Yeah, that's me!”. Well, that was not quite the case, but SOMEDAY Sensei will not have to tell me to relax (For over three years I've heard the “relax” command)

So...Sensei was a student with us normal folk tonight and Lawrence (brown belt) taught. And when we started with Tai No Henko (tenkan exercise) and Sensei worked with me.

I grabbed Sensei's wrist and he immediately looked at me and siad “Relax” as he touched my shoulder. And for the next few minutes he tried to pass along how to understand and react for tai no henko. It was a very short but very focused experience and really pretty special. The good part was felt I like I worked on sort of the fundamentals of the fundamentals.

I worry sometimes that the good efforts of our good Sensei are ultimately lost on people who are numskulls like me.

The video is an only a slight example of what we practiced in that we were slow and deliberate and the video is fast and frantic.

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