A Road Slightly Less Taken

If things go as planned, in two months I will be riding with two or three other old men to ride from the middle of Tennessee to Oklahoma using only backroads of which most are dirt roads.

I will ride my Suzuki DRZ400S to the departure location to meet up with my fellow travelers.

Partly for fun and partly for a small prep, last week I rode my motorcycle from Dallas to Houston but avoided the Interstate, which I took the last time I made such a trip.

I can report that for me it is WAY easier to ride on nice roads when they are NOT Interstate Highways. It may take longer but the recovery time is much easier.

So my plan for the TransAmericaTrail trip, is to parallel the Interstate Highway system but actually stay off the Interstate itself.

Above is the route I took last weekend and below is a picture of my Cycle on that trip during a short break.

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