Welcome Back Koshi-Nage

I suppose it is not surprising what I eventually found, but it took much searching but I discovered an example of the koshi nage we did tonight in a clip from Christian Tissier (Our Sensei's Shihan). Christian Tissier must have a strong influence over the dojos in France where Sidney first practiced Aikido. We did the first Koshi version demonstrated.

Anyway, it has be quite a while since we last worked on this technique, but it was great to get into it. I felt good about it tonight, I don't think I hurt my back at all which was a worry before.

We also worked on a type of Henka Waza where you attack, but before Nage gets you you try to take control of the situation. We started with ShomenUchi and Nage went for nikkyo but we allowed Uke to regain balance, stand up and try to apply ikkyo to Nage. BUT then Nage starts to fall back and then twists around to apply a throw. It was pretty cool an it took us out of our comfort zone as we had to work on letting go and in a sense control by NOT controlling everything. Simple to watch, hard to explain and very hard to perform.

It doesn't really apply but during the falling practice the old Joni Mitchell song "Help Me" kept running through my head. So here it is...


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed practicing that Koshi Nage. It is a fairly simple version -- some of them are a bit confusing to me. Anyway, while I didn't do it great, I did feel a lot better about it this time.

That was a tough practice. I was quite sore. In fact, to sore to practice on Wednesday. Didn't feel like I could perform well enough to not get hurt. I'll be there Saturday morning.

ZeppoManx said...

Like I said at class, it really is interesting that we have not practiced koshi nage in 6 months or more but after your extended absence it was the first thing you got to work on.

That is the way it goes sometimes.