The Weakest Link – is the whole damn chain!

I meant to make use of the hour of so between work and Aikido to work through another section of Rosetta Stone. I made it to the library near the “dojo”, powered up my laptop... but I had to sit near the young adult magazine display. There was Shonen Jump and the manga for Death Note in view and I could not help myself and spent my time reading manga meant for teenagers.

According to wikipedia ...

“Weekly Jump targets young males ("Shōnen" is made of the kanji that mean 'young(少)' and 'years (年)', and is a Japanese word for 'boy'). It features manga with lots of action and adventure, often featuring young, male protagonists with special powers and/or abilities. “

So there I am, meaning to better myself through self paced study and I end up reading comic books like I did 40 years ago. The cold hard facts are a bit pathetic. Not that I failed at one point in my chain of interests designed to fulfill my life, but that the whole approach (my whole world view in fact) is perhaps is flawed. Pathetic also is the fact that it doesn't bother me too much. This is paradoxically encouraging and depressing at the same time.

I did make it to Aikido class and it was good. Charlie worked us pretty well and I think what I liked best was the part where we were encouraged to leave no time off between attacks so it all felt like someone was coming at you all the time. The point being to teach us to react by reflex and not by thought. It was the most tiring and I felt like an old man, but it was also the most rewarding (clichéd but true).


Bob said...

It was the most tiring and I felt like an old man

glad I wasn't there, haha! I shudder to think what my cardio will be like upon my return.

ZeppoManx said...

It was a vigorous class but still not as strenuous as Alberto's Saturday workouts.

Hope to see you soon.